About Us

We sell classic motorcycles.

MOTO VENTUS was created out of passion for oldtimers.
We have been dealing with motorcycles since 1983. We offer the most interesting models from the ’60s,’ 70s and ’80s. Thanks to many years of experience of our team, the motorcycle you choose will meet your expectations. The MOTO VENTUS brand belongs to the family company “Marco-Plast” located in the city of Elbląg.


Our vision

At Moto Ventus, we renovate the most valuable motorcycles in the classic automotive market. Each of our motorcycles has increased in value from the day of the sale, making our customers happy.


Our mission

Moto Ventus aims to provide the customer with a motorcycle that is ready to ride, decorate his garage and complete his investment portfolio. Each of the motorbikes sold meets these 3 goals. That is why we first look for models that are worth the renovation process. Then we prepare the motorcycle to meet the highest technical efficiency requirements, and our customers can use the motorcycle immediately after delivery. The appearance of the motorcycle and its external aesthetics are very important to us. That is why our motorcycles please the eyes of customers and arouse desire among enthusiasts.



We are aware of the high requirements of our customers. We answer every question promptly and in detail. We advise on choosing a motorcycle and guide the customer through the motorcycle purchase process. We inform customers at every stage of the purchase and delivery process. The most important thing for us is to build long-term relationships. That is why we pay special attention to post-purchase service. Customers from 17 countries have already trusted us.