Suzuki RE5 Rotary 1976


Its uniqueness is due Wankel engine (simply, internal combustion engine in which the rotating piston rotates within the cylinder still in the same direction). Were launched two variants of this model. In 1975 model marked with the letter “M” and the 1976 model with the letter “A”. They use different model “A” pieces of equipment borrowed from another motorcycle Suzuki GT750. We are talking about the new headlamps, rear lamps, odometer. The changes were to adapt the motorcycle to the tastes of a wider group of motorcyclists. Throughout the period of production was sold only 90 new motorcycles in Europe, including the model “M” and “A”. It should be noted that Suzuki has produced far fewer pieces of “A” in 1976. Today, after more than 35 years, this model is even less available which causes every year, raising its prices by collectors from around the world.